In the last visit to the TD North
In the last visit to the TD North Shore Garden Arena Adam Clendening Jersey, Devon - Buk just a sophomore rookie Paul Coffey Jersey, although offensive talent has been revealed, but no one thought that night he even scored 70 points, thus Buk joined Chamberlain, Bryant and other celebrities listed as a single to get more than 70 points player.

In that game, made 40 of 21 shots and fined 26 free throws in 24, and grabbed eight rebounds and six assists and three steals, but Buke's brush at the last minute to lead the Celtics crowd Taunt, and the sun eventually lost the game Evgeni Malkin Jersey. Now Bu Park back to where it is, I do not know whether the outbreak of the re-emergence of his team in poor condition, although the replacement of the coach, but still not much improvement, they lost four games in the past five games, and in this wave The first three games of the six-player tour Daniel Sprong Jersey, the Suns won only 1 wins and 2 losses record.

Tonight, destined for him is a great night, "jazz" coach "Quinn generous praise for the devotees:" I think Donovan in terms of the most important thing is always keep a clear mind He knows tonight is a very important game. He needs to continue doing his best. His tonight's performance is the best embodiment of training and learning. He made the right decision at the crucial moment and hit the key. His ability to learn is really good, progress is fast.
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A mysterious and very realistic vocabulary
After Paul's recovery, he was finally able to participate in the "Warrior List" rating. Although Paul did not shoot 44 Sidney Crosby Jersey.9% from the field, Paul has sent more than 12 assists in three consecutive games, Antony's system played very happy Dominik Uher Jersey.

A mysterious and very realistic vocabulary, strictly speaking, no NBA team is completely non-system. Why Warrior's system can always show the superiority of unparalleled? The secret is that the number of offensive sites is so hard to beat Ron Francis Jersey. For example, following this attack, Durant back to hold the ball, Curry no ball to run to attract defense Kevin Porter Jersey, Green cut the basket Durant then cut the ball, then hand to score the bottom line of cross-cut McCall, after Easy layup, the whole offense at one go, the key is that everyone has excellent vision and excellent handling skills, let the defender off guard.

Experienced college basketball a year of temper, after entering the NBA Donovan after more than 10 games have been slowly find the pace of the game, constantly refresh personal data, but also continue to give the head coach Quinn - Snyder surprise. If Davis gets out of the race and if Cousins ??is also focused on pick-and-rolls, then the pelican's basket will not be guaranteed and anyone can cast it. Tonight Donovan got the chance, plus His ability to cast and other additional capabilities
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Gibson still continues the performance
Gibson still continues the performance of "two pairs of machines", has won three consecutive double-double this season has also sent two pairs of data nine times Scott Wilson Jersey, to know he had a total of 11 games last season, such performance. Gibson averaged 15 points and 11 rebounds in the Timberwolves' four-game win over the two weeks.

However, such a hard time but did not affect their record, the last five games, they won four victories and continue to occupy the second place in the west. We can not help wondering why even the injuries and Durant's deportation can not stop the Warriors from winning. Why have they so strong?

Lakers 8 wins and 13 losses, temporarily ranked 11th in the west Ian Cole Jersey, nearly 10 games 3 wins and 7 losses, the last game after they worked hard overtime, 123-127 to the Warriors; Nuggets 12 wins and 9 losses Blake Comeau Jersey, the provisional ranking of Western 5, nearly 10 games 6 wins and 4 losses, the last game they 111-110 win over the Bulls. Injuries, the Nuggets Millsap and Jekyll will be injured in the game due to injury, Wilson - Chandler may also be unable to play due to injury. The Lakers Kuzma has just been named the best rookie of the west in November Daniel Sprong Jersey, but he is plagued by a back injury and is in a position to decide whether to play in the game.
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After scoring 33 points against
After scoring 33 points against Mavericks before, he scored 41 points against the Grizzlies, averaging 30 for the first time in two consecutive games since March 25-28 Sergei Plotnikov Jersey, 2016 the above. And Adrian is still in the game with the Grizzlies hit three record three points Daniel Winnik Jersey.

Recently, the defending champion Warriors suffered a lot of trouble, the array generals Curry, Durant, Drummond - Green are subject to varying degrees of injuries, today finally the four giant cobble together, but why Du Ranton was rebuked because of dissatisfaction Bryan Rust Jersey.

Happiness is too sudden, the fledgling young man on the record tonight 41 points a bit: "I really do not know what to say, the brain blank, in fact, when I learned that 35 points have been very satisfied , But now I really feel unpleasant joy, this is too crazy Marcel Goc Jersey.
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